Glen Arbor Outdoor est. 1988

Glen Arbor Outdoor started out with Bob Ihme and his father, Bob Ihme Sr. providing grounds maintenance for The Homestead. Over the last 24 years, Bob has been hard at work to make GAO the company that it is today.

In order to meet the growing demand of his business, Bob earned his general contractors license in 2001 and has continued to supply his company with skilled project managers, contractors, and laborers in order to facilitate that growth.

The Homestead is and always has been GAO’s top priority – increasing basic grounds duties to encompass all aspects of HOA contracts and homeowner needs. GAO now provides a vast array of services to Homestead owners, as well as construction and remodel services to all Glen Arbor Residents. Our spectrum of services continues to grow while our commitment to serving the community remains our top priority.

Our focus is glen arbor

Our business plan has always been simple: Serving Glen Arbor residents and providing 24/7 on-call services to The Homestead 365 days a year.
We are the only maintenance and general contractor that focuses exclusively on Glen Arbor and we are proud to have been doing it for over 30 years.

Meet OUr team

Chris Sobek

Interior Maintenance Foreman

Chris directs all of our interior maintenance tasks for The Homestead. He works directly with customers and coordinates with Laura to ensure that each job is scheduled and executed in a timely manner. Originally from the Grand Blanc area, Chris and his wife have lived up here for three years raising their two children. Chris has been at Glen Arbor Outdoor for the last two years.

Aaron Nemeskal

Maintenance Contract Supervisor

Aaron manages our maintenance contracts with The Homestead and facilitates those tasks. This includes seasonal inspections, property management, and grounds maintenance. Born and raised in Maple City, Aaron has been with GAO for four years and has 10 years of experience in the outdoor maintenance industry.

Kirsten Gourney

Financial Controller

Kirsten is the CPA and financial controller for both GAO and Leelanau Vacation Rentals. She is responsible for invoicing, bookkeeping, and human resources. If you have any questions regarding billing, payments, or invoices, Kirsten can help. Kirsten lives in Cedar with her husband and two yellow labs and has been at GAO for four years.