Glen Arbor Outdoor

Serving Glen Arbor for over 30 years. 

serving the community

We have a diverse community with a wide range of needs here in Glen Arbor. Whether you’re a local or a snowbird, living at the Homestead or residential, part of an association or an individual, Glen Arbor Outdoor is here to make this piece of northern Michigan paradise and your home as stress free as possible.

Our in-house sister companies, Leelanau Vacation Rentals and LVR Realty, can also assist you with all of your vacation rental management and real estate needs.

We have all of the tools and experience at our disposal to make your home your haven, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Our Services

Glen Arbor Outdoor is an interior, exterior, and outdoor maintenance company that only services The Homestead and Glen Arbor residents.

Homestead Services

GAO provides a wide range of services to the HOA and individuals in the homestead.


GAO is now pleased to recommend glen arbor construction for youR remodeling needs.